About Us

                                                           Bob Camera“Since a young age I have always loved preserving the significance of life, whether it be through Video or Photography. The art of composition and effective storytelling was passed down from my late grandfather who was also an event photographer.  To me, a wedding is such a special day because it is not only the culmination of months or years of planning, but is the heralding of a new chapter in a couple’s life. A wedding is filled with riveting moments that take your breath away – moments that I am dedicated to preserving for family and friends to cherish for years to come. Since my first wedding in 2003 capturing the soul and romance of an event is not just a job for me – or even just an art – but a true calling.Bob & ClintonThe stories I tell, the personalities I capture, the moments I record, they all mean so much to me as they do to you.  I feel incredibly blessed to have had an opportunity to film and photograph so many wonderful weddings and events, and am deeply grateful to the amazing people whose stories I’ve had a chance to tell …..And those that have yet to occur!  I am based in New York and welcome any tri-state and destination weddings.  I’d be so happy to connect with you and talk about all the details of your special day.”        Bob Ronin